Therapeutic Approach

The counseling process is a relational partnership between therapist and patient where struggles and problems can be explored.  As a relational psychotherapist, I primarily draw upon a psychodynamic perspective and the concept of establishing a safe and secure place to help you discover and work with your greatest fears and deepest desires.

Often our struggles and problems stem from our relationships. The anxiety or depression or distress we feel can often be helped through better understanding ourselves and others. Becoming aware of and gaining understanding often helps in relieving the difficult feelings we feel and helps grow resilience when things get hard. This growth facilitates empowerment and greater capacity to live more fully into who we are. The work of growth and change can be uncomfortable and even painful. Untangling and loosening our defenses (ways we cope) makes way for more freedom and choice within ourselves and in our relationships with others.

As we begin our work together, we will explore what brought you into therapy as well as spend time understanding the relationships with important people in your life – past and present. These relationships likely inform and influence your fears and desires. We will look at how your way of relating impacts yourself and the relationships around you, with the ultimate goal to restore hope and freedom in you and your relationships.